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    What are the main types of electronic smoke detection equipment

    I believe you are not strangers to e-cigarettes. You haven't smoked, but there must be many people who have seen and heard 

    of it, but many people know that such a small e-cigarette

    There are many processes and testing links to go through. What testing equipment will be used in the manufacturing process of 

    electronic cigarettes? Today, qinsi precision equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will show youfeed one 's sight on.

    【1】 Electronic smoke leakage detector

    The electronic smoke leakage detection instrument is one of the electronic smoke testing machine series, which is mainly used to 

    test the electronic smoke vaporizer and electronic smoke battery (whether the air suction is connected or the key is connected)

    It can measure) or the service life of the finished electronic cigarette.

    【2】 Electronic cigarette life testing machine

    Test the airflow and key life of the electronic cigarette.

    【3】 Electronic smoke resistance tester

    The electronic smoke absorption resistance test is mainly used to measure the absorption resistance performance of electronic 

    smoke, which is applicable to the production quality control and inspection of electronic smoke. When simulating a person's 

    smoking action on an electronic cigarette After inhaling air with a fixed flow of 17.5ml/s, a certain vacuum pressure will be 

    generated at the suction end of the electronic cigarette at this time, which is the suction resistance, Jane The suction resistance 

    can be measured by measuring the pressure.

    【4】 Electronic smoke tightness tester

    The electronic smoke tightness tester is mainly used to detect the air tightness of electronic smoke components.

    【5】 Electronic cigarette controllable blower

    The electronic cigarette controllable blowing machine is used for the test of the electronic cigarette battery rod gas response 

    device. That is, after the welding of squinting head and related electronic components, use this machine for air blowing test. 

    If welding Squint your head correctly and sense that the corresponding indicator light is on at the same time. Each time you 

    press the switch, the air jet nozzle will automatically close after a certain time delay.

    【6】 Electronic cigarette counting machine

    Electronic cigarette counting machine is one of the series of electronic cigarette testing machines, which is mainly used to test the 

    battery life of electronic cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Its principle is to adjust a certain amount of inspiratory air or inspiratory

     pressure Inhale and stop the sample with your mouth, and repeat the cycle until the e-cigarette or e-cigarette battery runs out or 

    drops to a certain voltage, so as to study and judge the e-cigarette or e-cigarette battery The service life of the pool should be 


    【7】 Electronic smoke resistance tester

    The electronic smoke absorption resistance test is mainly used to measure the absorption resistance performance of electronic 

    smoke, which is applicable to the production quality control and inspection of electronic smoke. When simulating human smoking 

    action on electronic cigarette, inhale After the air flow is fixed, a certain vacuum pressure will be generated at the suction end of 

    the electronic cigarette at this time. This pressure is the suction resistance, which is called suction resistance for short. Measure this 

    pressure, The suction resistance can be measured.

    【8】 Electronic cigarette box cover rotating shaft tester

    The rotating shaft tester of the electronic cigarette case cover is mainly used to detect the number or time of repeatedly opening / 

    closing to complete disconnection and check whether the rotating shaft has been damaged after a certain number of times or a 

    certain time, The electronic cigarette box cover flip fatigue tester can simulate the electronic cigarette box cover to open and close 

    repeatedly at a certain speed and angle.

    【9】 Electronic smoke high altitude low pressure testing machine

    This kind of test is mainly used in battery test. The final purpose of the test is to see that the battery does not explode or catch fire, 

    smoke or leak, and the battery protection valve cannot be damaged. After introducing the above nine electronic cigarette detection 

    devices, do you think it incredible that such a small electronic device actually has such a testing process

    I have to sigh for the great development of China's experimental industry and the spirit of improving the quality of e-cigarettes. 

    I think everyone will praise the staff and technicians.

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