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    Introduce the advantages of electronic cigarette automatic assembly machine

    What are the advantages of electronic cigarette automatic assembly machine? Let's talk about its following advantages.

    1. The electronic cigarette automatic assembly unit should produce and assemble the accessories of electronic cigarette products, 

    save labor costs, improve product quality and improve production efficiency.

    2. In the production process of the equipment, the vibrating disc automatically loads rivets, heating wires, cotton shears, silica gel 

    sheets, steel pipes, shells, suction nozzles and other assemblies, and various methods are used to detect defective products, so that 

    the yield can reach 99.99%.

    3. The assembly machine is a general-purpose machine, which is used to the common electronic cigarette products on the market. 

    However, some special-shaped and unconventional electronic cigarette products are not applicable and need to be customized.

    4. It can detect 5000/10h a day manually, and this equipment can detect 18000pcs/10h a day, and it can start up 24 hours a day 

    without interruption, which is unmatched by manpower.

    5. The programmable controller is configured, and the mechanical action can be corrected by software. Through strict testing, it is 

    ensured that the action is reasonable and there is no conflict. The interactive interface of the equipment adopts the touch screen 

    man-machine interface, which can be operated according to the prompts. When purchasing the equipment, relevant personnel will 

    be trained. Through training, novices can also operate skillfully. The equipment has automatic counting and automatic alarm 

    functions, which facilitates the operator to calculate the output value and troubleshoot faults.

    6. The heating wire of electronic cigarette has two wires and four wires, which can effectively add the heating area and form a large 

    smoke effect. Fancy silk also has the same effect. When the heating area is added, the power is also added. The full-automatic 

    assembly line of electronic cigarette can also meet the needs of multi wire winding. It is only necessary to change the mold of the 

    equipment and set parameters from scratch, which is very convenient.


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