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    • I believe you are not strangers to e-cigarettes. You haven't smoked, but there must be many people who have seen and heard of it, but many people know that such a small e-cigarette
    • 1. The electronic cigarette automatic assembly unit should produce and assemble the accessories of electronic cigarette products, save labor costs, improve product quality and improve production efficiency.
    • In machining, it is very important for enterprises to use tool passivation machine to improve the production of various types of tools. Some enterprises with strict production requirements will often maintain the tool passivation machine when using it to ensure the effect of tool passivation, so as to avoid tool replacement. In mechanical production, it is very good for enterprises to have such a rigorous attitude. Details can sometimes determine success or failure, so we should maintain this attitude when using tool passivation machine. Today we will discuss the benefits of using tool passivation machine.
    • Sand blasting machine is widely used in industrial production process. Its main purpose is to effectively clean the surface of the workpiece. Today, I will briefly tell you the working principle of sand blasting machine.
    • 3C products are the English acronym of computer, communication and consumer electronic products. 3C products are generally small in size, usually household appliances. At this stage, China will carry out compulsory certification of 3C products to ensure product quality. The following is a detailed introduction of 3C products and their characteristics by the Legal Express editor.
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