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  • 秦思精密(深圳)有限公司


    Service Hotline:13590199086
    About Us

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    QIN SI PRECISE (SHEN ZHEN) CO.,LTD is a professional production equipment enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Company registration

    It has a capital of 5million yuan and covers an area of 2500 square meters. The company is located at No. 9, Liangong Road, Sanlian community, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. It is a specialized electronic

    A developer of non-standard automation solutions for tobacco industry equipment, 3C industry, cutting tool industry and intelligent manufacturing. Qinsi precision adheres to independent foundation R & D, focusing on Intelligent Manufacturing Automation R & D. Qinsi precision provides complete production equipment solutions for customers at home and abroad

    Set of facilities, the products mainly include electronic cigarette constant power suction machine, electronic cigarette suction dilution tester, electronic cigarette visual detector and electronic cigarette Bullet automatic assembly machine, 3C metal parts size inspection and assembly machine, tool passivation sand blasting and visual inspection machine, etc., serve the public at home and abroad Many well-known enterprises, strong R & D teams and professional after-sales services help you quickly improve product quality, enhance brand awareness and create the maximum price Value! Vision to become a key process equipment service provider in key industries!


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